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Get Ready for a Career in Real Estate

We all know that New Year’s day is full of resolutions.  Some of them are kept, and some are not.  Perhaps you’ve decided that 2015 is the year in which you start a whole new career.  You may want to be running your own business; being in charge of your daily schedule instead of being told what to do.  You may also enjoy being around people and helping them.  If that is the case, you may want to consider a career in real estate.

The Opportunity Is There

The National Association of Realtor has taken a careful look at the real estate industry and believes that 2015 is going to be a good year.

  • Young professionals are starting to get hired in high paying jobs and are looking to be buying their first home;
  • It is anticipated that new-home sales are going to rise by at least 25% because the housing construction industry is coming back to life;
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced that fixed-rate mortgages for first-time home buyers will be available with 3% down payment;
  • The economy is projected to improve over the year.

What this all means is that the real estate industry is coming out of the doldrums.  Savannah already has a number of properties that are moving on to the market.  A person can get started out in real estate this year, and be well on the way to success by Christmas time.

The Right Education Is Important

No one can become a real estate agent just by printing up business cards.  The state of Georgia requires a high school diploma or equivalency as basic education for real estate  agent.  There’s also a requirement in Georgia to take a 75 hour pre-license coclassroom-100635-300x199urse. This has to be at a real estate school approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  No one can be a real estate agent in Georgia without a real estate  license.  The Real Estate License Qualifying Examination has to be successfully passed by a candidate in order to get this very important certification.

There are number of real estate schools in Georgia but not all of them are of high quality.  How course content is taught is extremely important.  A person is best educated by instructors who have in-depth experience in real estate and not just superficial understanding.  Any school can coach a person on how to pass the licensing examination.  Those schools that have superior instructors go one step beyond.  They provide knowledge and tools a person will use to be successful in a real estate career.

The Ben Farmer School of Real Estate Prepares Professionals

transparetnbfsrelogo2    The Ben Farmer School of Real Estate is the oldest real estate school in Savannah.  Our reputation is well known in the community and many of the best real estate agents in the Coastal Empire have come from our classrooms.  We are much more than an exam prep program.  Our students are encouraged to learn all aspects of real estate.  We know these people are going to be relied upon by first home buyers and also by sellers.  It is why we add a little extra to the education provided.  Our graduates are well known for their real estate expertise.  In addition to the required education, we also offer continuing education to keep professional standards as high as possible.  The testimonials of our graduates reflect their educational experience with us paved the way for a profitable future.

Keep That New Year’s Resolution 

Instead of having just a job why not have a career; one that you will enjoy and provide service to others as well? We can help you fulfill that New Year’s resolution for a new career.  The Ben Farmer School of Real Estate helps people take those first steps to the independence and high income of a good real estate agent.  If you are interested in our programs we would love to share information with you.  Please feel free to call us at 912-692-1085 ext. 2.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your career path.